Mark Stuart - Warm-Up Worn - Commemorative Canadian Armed Forces Jersey

CLOSING BID: $810.00
  • Closing Bid: $810.00
OPENING BID: $300.00
OPEN DATE: Mar 5, 2014


Name Date Bid
Amcslboss57 Mar 16, 2014 11:01:59 PM EDT $810.00
Amcslboss57 Mar 16, 2014 10:54:54 PM EDT $810.00
Amcslboss57 Mar 16, 2014 10:28:12 PM EDT $810.00
turndownthewhat Mar 16, 2014 10:52:54 PM EDT $790.00
Amcslboss57 Mar 16, 2014 08:55:31 PM EDT $770.00
Rangerwarce Mar 16, 2014 06:30:05 AM EDT $750.00
Amcslboss57 Mar 16, 2014 08:55:06 PM EDT $740.00
Amcslboss57 Mar 16, 2014 08:32:05 PM EDT $700.00
raydocraydoc Mar 15, 2014 05:02:25 PM EDT $660.00
bberntt Mar 15, 2014 05:08:42 PM EDT $640.00
bberntt Mar 15, 2014 03:26:47 PM EDT $600.00
fire1780 Mar 9, 2014 12:34:29 AM EST $590.00
fire1780 Mar 7, 2014 08:53:23 PM EST $575.00
bberntt Mar 15, 2014 03:26:27 PM EDT $560.00
Mogorman Mar 8, 2014 03:24:44 PM EST $500.00
Mogorman Mar 8, 2014 03:24:23 PM EST $460.00
Mogorman Mar 8, 2014 03:23:58 PM EST $420.00
Mogorman Mar 8, 2014 03:23:40 PM EST $380.00
cymbalb Mar 7, 2014 09:23:56 PM EST $340.00
cymbalb Mar 6, 2014 06:51:45 PM EST $300.00


The Winnipeg Jets are hosting a Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation game on Saturday, March 8, 2014 when the team welcomes the Ottawa Senators to the MTS Centre. The Jets will support our troops by issuing limited edition Canadian Armed Forces themed jerseys to all players and will be worn by all players participating in warm-up.

Each warm up issued and warm up worn jersey will have a unique serial-number and will come with a special authentication certificate and 8 x 10 photo of the player wearing it.

Note: If a player is issued a jersey but does not take part in warm up we will provide a unique photo of our choice that shows the jerseys in use.

Some of the unique Canadian Armed Forces themed jersey details are as follows:
- Official Canadian Armed Forces CADPAT camouflage patterned jersey fabric
- Tonal embroidered secondary logo patches on shoulders
- Canadian flag patch on right chest
- All patches ONLY available on game weight jerseys
- Unique military style stencil font for lettering and numbering
- Full color individually serial numbered game worn patch on the inside back hem

Please note: #8 Trouba Jersey is only being displayed to let bidders see the details of the jersey. It is important to note that each players jersey will have their respective number, name bar and C or A during warm up


Shipping is done by Canada Post and USPS Mail services with rates as follows :

To the Continental U.S. : $25 USD (Includes Tracking #) Within Canada : $15 USD (Includes Tracking #)

All winning bidders will pay shipping charges and are responsible for all tariffs, taxes, duties and any other additional costs associated with shipping inside or outside of North America.

*International shipping costs will be determined after the close of the auction.


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